SuperElsenCup 2022 - Berlin

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Due to construction work we had to change the sportshall, the new address is:
Rosa-Parks-Grundschule, Reichenberger Str. 65, 10999 Berlin

---September 2022---


We now provide you more details, finally! In nearly 2 weeks the Superelsen-Cup 2022 will take place and here are some important information for you to consider – please read it carefully!

See you very soon - you will hear from us again before the tournament.

Your SEC-orga team!

---August 2022---


Due to the high demand to participate in the Superelsencup 2022, the registration is now closed even before the deadline. Because of the sportshall we will hold the tournament at, we have this limited number of 18 teams, being able to participate. We reached this number and are sorry that we can not offer more starting positions but also happy that so many of you are on fire to be part of it. For those of you, who could not make it, we will consider this for the next cup in 2023!

The registration for the Superelsencup is officially closed. We are happy to welcome you to the tournament in October and will update you accordingly.

It's a more than 2 months from now until we will hold the tournament, we will update you about hygiene regulations on time, checking the most recent rules from the government. Beside that we already ask you to be prepared and please test yourself with a Covid quick test on all days of the tournament including registration day and party.

More updates and details will follow.

Your orga-team Berlin!

---June 2022---


First, we say thank you to all of you, since we received a lot of nice emails from you telling us that you are keen on taking part in our volleyball tournament "Superelsencup" after such a long shutdown. The whole organization of the tournament will now reach the second phase - your registration.

Registration is possible until 01.09.2022 only!

Since we will hold the tournament in a hall with 3 courts, we must limit the number of teams up to max. 18. According to the motto – first come, first served. Should more teams register, we will set up a waiting list.

We organize a registration meet-and-greet the evening before the tournament, a party and a brunch the morning after. The tournament will take place at the "Carl-Von-Ossietzky-Schule", Blücherstr. 46-47, 10961 Berlin. All other locations are not final yet.

Looking forward to your application!

Greetings from the whole orga-team Berlin

---March 2022---

SAVE THE DATE: 14.10. – 16.10.2022 – in Berlin.

The sports hall, located in Berlin-Kreuzberg, is officially booked for this tournament. The form to sign up your team and also more details about the tournament can be expected in the beginning of June.

Stay strong and healthy!

SAVE THE DATE: 14.10. – 16.10.2022 – in Berlin.

Die Sporthalle in Berlin-Kreuzberg ist offiziell für das Turnier gebucht. Das Formular, um euer Team anzumelden sowie detailliertere Infos über das Turnier könnt ihr ab Anfang Juni erwarten.

Bleibt stark und gesund!

Your organizing team from Berlin

---January 2022---

2022 just started and we want to fill it with sports, fun and experiences. This is why we plan to hold the Volleyball tournament "Super-Elsen-Cup" this year according to the needs and guidelines of the German government and the Corona-rules they agree on.

The Berlin orga team will not give up in believing that there is a way we all can go back a bit to normal and to what we love. Therefore we plan to do the tournament from 15.10. - 16.10.2022, propably with a registration meet-and-greet (if possible) on 14.10.2022.

We have a lot to consider for sure and also the rules will change a lot until then but what might be sure already is, that we will have to work with the "2-G-rule" that says every participant will have to be either fully vaccinated or recovered from Covid19.

The first step is done - we do have a final confirmation for the sports hall. Hopefully all the other steps are just as easy ...

Best wishes to everyone and stay healthy!

Das Jahr 2022 hat gerade begonnen und wir wollen es mit Sport, Spaß und Erlebnissen füllen. Deshalb möchten wir in diesem Jahr das Volleyballturnier "Super-Elsen-Cup" nach den Vorgaben und Richtlinien der Bundesregierung und den von ihr beschlossenen Corona-Regeln durchführen.

Das Berliner Orga-Team wird nicht aufgeben und nicht aufhören zu hoffen, dass es einen Weg gibt, wie wir alle ein Stück weit zur Normalität zurückkehren und das tun können, was wir lieben. Daher planen wir, das Turnier vom 15.10. - 16.10.2022 durchzuführen, voraussichtlich mit einem Anmeldetreffen (wenn möglich) am 14.10.2022.

Es gibt sicher viel zu bedenken und auch die Regeln werden sich bis dahin noch stark ändern, aber was schon jetzt sicher sein dürfte, ist, dass wir mit der "2-G-Regel" arbeiten müssen, die besagt, dass alle Teilnehmer*innen entweder vollständig geimpft oder von Covid19 genesen sein müssen.

Der erste Schritt ist getan - wir haben eine endgültige Bestätigung für die Sporthalle. Hoffentlich sind alle weiteren Schritte genauso einfach ...

Alles Gute an euch und bleibt alle gesund!